Sponsoring the Gran Fondo

Sponsoring the Gran Fondo

While busy planning cycling routes, finding a venue and sharing updates as far-and-wide as possible for this year’s Fondo, it can be easy to forget that the cost of delivering such an event can run quite high!

Which is why this year, Zappi’s Gran Fondo are actively looking for partners to join the Zappi famiglia to help us bring a bigger and better event for our riders.

Last year’s Gran Fondo was lucky enough to receive ‘in-kind’ sponsorship from some great companies including Clif Bars, Infinity Foods, Just Wholefoods, and Muc-Off, and local businesses like Beeline Bicycles in Oxford. Riders raved about the feed stops, and with our small army of volunteers from the club (and their spouses!) everyone was fed, watered, guided and registered smoothly…with over 350 riders that’s quite an achievement!

The Gran Fondo is looking for title sponsors for this year’s event.

“So how can I help?”

First, it will probably help to outline some of those items that have to be bought even before the first rider has signed up.

  • Our number 1 priority is rider safety – so that means insurance for the event in case anything unexpected happens.
  • Next, is a venue. Zappi’s CC have been lucky to secure the Kirtlington Polo Club this year.
  • A venue is closely followed by food (and lots of it!) Who knew cyclists were so hungry, well, we did actually.
  • And let’s not forget several hundred litres of sports drink and cold water – this is vital if the sun smiles down on us!

And that’s a small portion of what makes our sportive one of the best in Oxfordshire and each year we want to keep growing and keep delivering a high-quality event.

“And where does my money go?”

That’s an excellent question! If you’re a local business (big or small) or have a company in the sports and endurance industries we’d love to hear from you. Any amount is a helpful amount and goes right to the Fondo to help it grow.

Any financial support, food, drink mix or cleaning supplies stays with the Fondo and within the Zappi family. By supporting the Fondo you are also supporting the continued growth and development of not only the club’s racing program for its Youth, Juniors, Ladies and the U23 Pro Team, you are investing in the next generation of British cyclists. And that’s pretty cool!

“And what will I see for my investment?”

You’ll get your company, brand and product in front of a lot of appreciative cyclists, and it might help to show you the levels of funding available and the different benefits below (click to zoom, or right click to save a copy for later):

picture of benefits and different levels of financial support
A range of different levels of support help make the Fondo go round!

Sponsorship amongst professional cycling teams is nothing new, every year Pro Teams announce new title sponsors, the type of bikes they’ll be riding, the footwear they’ll be wearing and the food they’ll  be consuming. The transition from one sponsor to the next, year-in-year-out, starts with a conversation and building a relationship.

That’s what we want you to consider if you choose to support Zappi’s Gran Fondo. It’s a conversation with a common goal: getting more people on their bikes, and increase the physical activity of Oxfordshire’s and the surrounding counties’ citizens.

Everyone is a winner, besides how could you not say ‘yes!’ to these guys below.

group of cyclists at local cyclo-sportive
Team Zappi’s support local sportives too – like the White Horse Challenge!

While we keep busy organising the Gran, Medio and Piccolo Fondos, we hope you will consider supporting our event and help continue to make Oxfordshire a great place to ride.

Drop Jonathan or Mike a line on info@zappisgranfondo.com today! Ciao.

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