Zappi Festival of Cycling

Riders at the start line of Zappi's Hill Climb Challenge

Zappi Festival of Cycling

Zappi CC is keeping as busy as ever over the next several weekends with a full slate of events this October including a hill climb, sportive, a film evening and cyclo-cross! Roll on the 1st Zappi Festival of Cycling.

This is something of a trial run, so we’ll see if it becomes an annual event because nothing on this scale has ever been attempted before in club history. And we’re pretty pleased by that! With three events spread across three consecutive weekends, we’re throwing the club doors open to anyone who lives/loves to ride their bicycles!

The Zappi Hill Climb took place this past Saturday.

Zappi’s Gran Fondo is Oct. 18 (as you know).

And a double-header film screening and Director’s Q&A of For the Love of Mud

and cyclo-cross race on Oct. 24th and 25th.

Zappi’s Hill Climb Report

37 members of the club braved Watlington Hill yesterday morning. At 1.568 km long, with just under 300 feet of climbing and a total elevation of 784 feet, Watlington is a regular feature on many a weekend ride. For the uninitiated, the climb starts with a sharp left-hander and doesn’t let up until it “evens” out mid-way (while still climbing), before a draggy finish until the end.

If you’re unfamiliar with what a hill climb challenge actually entails, check out Total Women’s Cycling’s overview here.

This event is always about the fun, bringing the club together, with prizes for top performances across Youth, Junior, Senior, Vets and Women’s categories. Not forgetting the lanterne rouge (last rider) and the best-dressed.

In the end, two promising young club members took the top two prizes overall:

  1. Charlie Quarterman (Junior), 4m:24s (avg. speed 21.4kph)
  2. Jacques Sauvaugnes (Youth), 4m:25s (avg.speed 21.3kph)
  3. Nick Beale (V40), 4m:34s (avg. speed 20.6kph)

The Hill Climb’s eventual winner, Charlie at the start
The Hill Climb's eventual winner, Charlie, at the start

Our Best Dressed Cyclist, Richard

The Hill Climb's Best Dressed Cyclist, Richard

A whole new meaning to ‘pushing’ the baby carriage!Clare attempts to pull her young toddler up the hill

(All photos courtesy of Zappi CC member, Luke Seymour. Grazie mille, Luca!)

Stay tuned for further updates on the Zappi Gran Fondo and Cylco-cross – don’t forget to buy your tickets for the film screening here.

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