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The Zappi Gran Fondo 2017

Sunday, 21 August 2016 will be our 5th annual sportive challenge. Zappi’s Cycling Club’s superb summer challenge for all riders!

Zappi’s Gran Fondo 2015

Sunday, 18 October 2015 was our 4th annual sportive challenge. Zappi’s Cycling Club late season challenge for all riders!

2015 Zappi’s Gran Fondo Routes Finalised!

Here for your delectation and selection are the routes for this year’s Gran Fondo. We know its rather late in the year this year, but hey, what else is all your current training building up for? These routes will check whether all those summer miles you’re currently storing have remained safely in the legs. If […]

Our New Website

Today is the day! Today, Zappi’s Cycling Club are excited to unveil our new website and launch this year’s Gran Fondo. We’ve spent a lot of time “in the lab” these last few months, sharpening our pencils, reviewing designs and exchanging e-mails (a lot of e-mails!) And in the end, what was most important to […]

GF2014 start

Zappis Gran Fondo 2014

2014 Rider timings Rider Photos from SportivePhoto. We challenged you with the Gran (115m) and Medio (65m) Fondo rides, returning to the original route for the Gran Fondo.¬†Yes, that meant Fish Hill. Over 360 cyclists enjoyed this fantastic day!  

Zappis Gran Fondo 2013

2013 Our second outing was a very different ride to the original, faster and flatter with one major hill, quite like the London Ride 100. 3 routes this year including a Piccolo (short) ride of 34 miles. Reasonable weather saw a good turnout of around 350. Routes are here: Gran Fondo, Medio Fondo, Piccolo Fondo […]

Zappis Gran Fondo 2012

2012 The first event was a beast, lots of hills including the iconic Fish Hill out of Broadway. Weather was iffy but nonetheless the event was enjoyed by over 250 cyclists. The route: Rider’s rides: Gran Fondo Rider timings

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